Your Donations Can…

5 pesos – feed 1 dog for 1 day
10 pesos – feed 10 cats /day
20 pesos – deworm a dog
50 pesos – deworm 5 cats
100 pesos – neuter a cat
125 pesos – vaccinate a cat
150 pesos – vaccinate a dog
200 pesos – neuter a dog
400 pesos – one large bag of food
500 pesos – food costs for a day
300 pesos/ month – sponsor a cat
500 pesos/month – sponsor a dog


Donate Online

Be a Monthly Donor

Monthly Donation Options


Donate by eTransfer (for Canadians)

If you bank with a Canadian bank, you can send an eTransfer to


Donate Cash and Goods

Contact Us if you would like to arrange to make a donation of cash or goods.

Other Needs

Pet Food

We have a lot of hungry animals to feed! For large donations, you can buy food at the Perron store (Ramon Lopez Alvarado 305) and ask for it to be delivered to the Sanctuary. Or purchase Purina Dog Chow or Cat Chow and drop it off at Veterinario San Martino (26 Avenida Reforma) or at the Organic Market (Plaza Zaragosa on Saturday mornings).

Cleaning Supplies

Bleach, mops, brooms, buckets… you name it. You wouldn’t believe what it takes to clean up after 100+ animals on a daily basis.

Blankets and Towels

Our animals sleep outside and could always use a soft blanket to cuddle up with. And towels? Wow… we can always use towels.

Veterinary Care

All of our animals receive the best care we can afford to give them. This includes vaccinations, spay/neuter. Many of the animals that we rescue are ill or injured. This means big vet bills. You can specify that your donation go to veterinary care. Or you can pay towards our bill directly at Veterinaria San Martino (26B Avenida Reforma).

Garage Sale Items

One person’s trash is another’s treasure. We are able to raise some great funds thanks to your donated items being bought by others in our garage sales. If you have unwanted items that are still in good condition, let us know. We can pick up some larger items as well.

Construction Materials

We are always improving our facilities, and can use cement, bricks, pallets and other construction materials.

Capital Projects

Capital Project - Buy a Minivan for the Ranch

Van for Transporting Animals

Its always a challenge to transport animals from the sanctuary to the veterinarian or to adoption fairs and back again. We rely on volunteer drivers to help us out, but ideally our goal is to own a good utility van so we can transport a larger number of animals.

Facility Improvements

We have a long wish list of construction projects to improve and expand our facilities, including security walls, bathing facilities, flood-proofing and new enclosures. If you are interested in sponsoring a construction project, we’d be happy to discuss our current needs with you.