Responsible Pet Adoption

Adopting a pet is a big responsibility that will last for many years. Take some time to consider:

  • A pet will be completely dependent on you for his or her entire life.
  • Does your lifestyle suit owning a dog or a cat?
  • What will happen to your pet if you decide to move?
  • Do you expect major changes in your life during a pet’s lifetime? Marriage? Children? New job?
  • Are you ready to spend the time, energy and money to care for your pet?
  • Is the rest of your family in favour of getting a pet?
  • Are your children old enough to live responsibly with a pet?
  • Will you still love your puppy or kitten when it is full grown?

Ready For A Member of the Family?

Sadly, a large number of new pets are forgotten about. At first, they are loved and welcomed into the home. But over time, they become neglected because their owners find that caring for an animal is more than they bargained for.

Just like a child, animals require good food, regular bathing, exercise and play, medical care, and most importantly, the love and affection of their family. They will depend on you to provide these essentials in life.

It’s very important that the entire family is in agreement when it comes to making the decision to add a furry member of the family. Are all of your family members prepared to take on the responsibilities of pet ownership? With love and care, a pet can live for 10  to 15 years. Smaller pets can live longer. It’s important to think ahead about the next 10 years to be sure that you can continue to care for your pet.


What We Require Before You Adopt

We want the best for our animals and we will take some steps to make sure that you are a responsible pet owner.

  • We will require you to fill out a form so that we can learn more about you.
  • We will ask you some questions to help you find the right animal for your personality and lifestyle.
  • For certain animals, we may require a home visit to see where the animal will be living.