Cat Adoption – Application Form


By completing and submitting this application, I confirm that:

  • The information provided by me is true and complete.
  • I agree to pay the adoption fee quoted to me by Mazatlan Animal Rescue.
  • I will not rehome an adopted cat without approval from Mazatlan Animal Rescue. I agree to contact Mazatlan Animal Rescue right away if for any reason the cat cannot remain in my home.

Do you own or rent your home?

If you rent, do you have landlord approval for a cat?

Do you have an enclosed outdoor area for the cat(s)?

Does someone come to tend to the pet if needed due to work day or other reason?

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Our Policy

For adoptions in Mazatlan, a one-week trial adoption is possible to determine compatibility between the cat and your family. It is important that you communicate with us during the trial period. If compatibility is confirmed the adoption procedure will be completed. If the cat is not compatible, it MUST be returned to Mazatlan Animal Rescue. DO NOT rehome the animal yourself.