Lupita found Paco tied to the sanctuary gate early one morning in 2014. Paco was in a terrible state. He was diagnosed with erlichia (a tick disease), anemia and dermatitis. Weak, skinny and malnourished, Paco came to the sanctuary just in time.

Luckily tick diseases can usually be fully treated. It took some time, but eventually Paco recovered and blossomed into a very handsome boy.

Paco was one of the most friendly dogs at the sanctuary, always greeting visitors and looking for someone to give him a scratch behind the ears. He was also a wonderful guard dog and for years Paco lived in the central courtyard where he could keep a close watch on the sanctuary's front gate.

A handsome, friendly boy like Paco probably would have been adopted sooner, however he had one bad habit. Super friendly with almost everyone, Paco would occasionally take an extreme and aggressive dislike to certain men. For example, there was a tree surgeon who came to trim trees at the sanctuary once. Paco gave him a very bad day at work that he will probably never forget.

So, while many people fell in love with Paco, things weren't going well for him on the adoption front. Luckily for Paco, there are just a few adopters that are willing to make it work for a dog with difficult behaviours. Paco was lucky enough to finally meet this kind of adopter.

In November 2019, our handsome boy went to live with and faithfully guard his forever family.

Mazatlan Animal Rescue - Paco
Paco when he first arrived at Mazatlan Animal Rescue
Mazatlan Animal Rescue - Paco
Paco today

It takes a village to help a dog like Paco