Volunteer At the Sanctuary


Whether you live in Mazatlan full time or are just visiting, consider giving a little of your time to the sanctuary animals. Contact us to arrange your visit and to coordinate transportation with other volunteers.



Washing our dogs is important for managing ticks and fleas. Most of the sanctuary dogs love their bath time and enjoy the extra human attention. Wear some old clothes, bring a friend and have a great time!

Bathing Pups at the Ranch


Give our sanctuary dogs the gift of your time! Our dogs love visitors and the time you spend with them helps them to become better socialized. You can help our dogs to prepare for adoption by practicing their leash walking skills.




Almost every week we transport dogs and cats to the vet, or to adoption fairs. We also transport volunteers to the sanctuary. If you have a car or a van, your transportation services can be an incredible help.


Other Volunteer Opportunities


We are always looking for foster home for our dogs and cats. We will work with you to choose an animal that fits your personality and lifestyle. Fostering is ideal for visitors who make Mazatlan their home for a few weeks or a few months of the year.


Transporting Pets out of the Country

When animals are adopted by Canadians or Americans we sometimes need help to transport a dog or cat to their new home. If you’re traveling from Mazatlan, we could probably use your help to courier pets. We will ensure all the papers are completed and costs are covered.




Do you have skills in media, event planning, retail or fundraising? We have plenty of behind-the-scenes opportunities and would love to hear from you! Mercado Organico

Let Us Know How You Can Help

Enrich your life and change the life of a dog or cat forever.