Animals in Distress

What to Do if You Find an Animal in Distress in Mazatlan


Helping Animals in Distress is A Community Responsibility

Your involvement can make all the difference in the world for a sick or injured dog or cat.

If the animal is not sick, injured or visibly in distress, please see: What to Do If You Find a Lost Dog (or Cat).

Mazatlan Animal Rescue prioritizes the rescue of sick and injured animals, however we received hundreds of requests to help animals and do not have the space and resources to take every animal into care. Please contact us if an animal is truly in need and we will do everything we can to help.

Here are important tips for your role in a rescue:

  • Do what you can to secure the animal’s safety. If the dog or cat is badly injured and immobile, stay with it. Get the animal away from traffic, the hot sun or whatever risks it faces. If possible take it into a gated or secure area.
  • Take a photo.
  • Contact us on our Facebook page to see if we have any volunteers available to help. Photos can help us to determine the best response.
  • If no one is available to help, get the animal to a vet clinic. If you don’t have a car, a taxi or pulmonia works.
  • Be prepared to work in partnership with us to meet the animal’s needs. You can help by paying veterinary costs, assisting to transport the dog to and from the vet and even caring for the dog in your home.
  • Keep in mind that a small number of Mazatlan’s homeless dogs carry diseases contagious to other dogs. This is only a concern if your pets are not up to date on vaccinations or for puppies under 6 months. Talk to the vet if you have any concerns.

Thank you for your support with helping the animals.